Saturday, October 24, 2009


The Law Of Attraction Works Again!

So I'm lying down thinking about how I could get some money to buy me some cigarettes and nothing is coming to me yet. So I decide to let the thought go resigning myself to the fact that I would just have to wait until I got my Adsense money.

Then guess what happens? I get an idea as to how I could get a couple of dollars (I thought) right away. I won't tell you what the exact idea was but this is a very good example of the law of attraction at work!

The law of attractions says that what you think about and focus on you will get and since I was thinking of how I could get some more money for cigarettes an idea came to me!

I decided to put this plan in action even though I was having doubts about it working. It actually worked! However I think that since I was trying so hard to make it work that I made it more complicated than it should have been.

This idea gave me enough money to buy a couple of packs of the cheaper brand of cigarettes - but I was grateful for that because being without the cigarettes was making me crazy and it looks as though the universe helped me out!

Now I am a few days away from getting my Adsense money so I'm working on making the law of attraction work for me again!

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